4am cab podcast

In case you’d got the impression from the last few weeks that there was only one comedy podcast in existence… 🙂 here is another excellent comedy podcast, totally different from Live from Kirrin Island4am cab. In fact (other than being good and funny)  4am cab is about as different from Live from Kirrin Island as you can get while still being a comedy podcast: “studio” rather than “audience”, surreal rather than topical satire. Although there is still a Newsjack connection – 4am writer Rachel Wheeley has written for Newsjack.

But like Live from Kirrin Island, 4am cab do take submissions from writers out here in the wilds of the world wide web. Find out more about writing for the 4am cab podcast here.

But first go, grab a subscription and listen.

EDIT – corrected Rachel’s details and new Twitter handle. Thanks, Rachel.