And I’m back

It’s been a while. Sorry, faithful (and largely imaginary) reader who has been waiting with (entirely imaginary) bated breath. But I have been busy. Honest.

Plenty of writing related things happened in 2014. A successful series of Damn the Torpedoes as part of the writing team (since you’re asking, I wrote all the bits you liked). A less (personally) successful series or two of Newsjack, with just the odd credit. Oh and we have another little Salisbury baby to keep us awake/entertained. Probably should have put that one first… never mind.

But enough small talk, back to the blog. I have grand plans to make it more useful both to my imaginary readers and myself by regularly (even weekly) posting some of my notes and thoughts on the craft of writing, whether original, or (more likely) based on something I read somewhere else. Obviously there will also be some shameless self promotion mixed in along the way. But this is the internet. What did you expect? (Amusing kittens? Then you seem to be on the wrong site…)

You have been warned.

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