About Me

I’m David Salisbury. I write stuff. Mostly comedy. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about writing and… um… get better… at… um… it. And at finishing sentences. That helps.

On this blog I will share what I’ve learned about about writing, shamelessly promote any success I get and write about any random thing that interests me. You have been warned.

“What sort of things do you write?” I hear you (my cherished and largely hypothetical reader) ask. Well, strictly speaking, you didn’t. But you should have. It would be polite. So I’ll tell you anyway.

I write quite a lot of topical sketch comedy. For example for the stage shows News Revue and The Treason Show.  And when I’m very lucky, for the radio*. I have also written and (kind of) performed in the “Live from Kirrin Island” podcast. But I am thoroughly eclectic/unfaithful in my literary endeavours and I’ve turned my hand to poetry, short stories, and “proper” drama.

No, as you so very kindly point out, I’m not yet at the top of the writing tree. I’m not even sitting on one of the lower branches. I’m mostly staring at it and wondering how anyone even attempts to start scrabbling up it. But I’m learning. And telling you, my hypothetical reader, all about it. Which has to be good. Or at least something to do.

* I’ve now been quite lucky with Newsjack. Thank you Newsjack.

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