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Kirrin Island Episode 3 recording will be on Sunday 16th December (2.30pm)

Yes, it’s true. Live from Kirrin Island is back. And this time it’s bigger and better than before. We are recording in The Phoenix, Cavendish Sq, London, W1G 0PP and it’s free and open to all. So come along at 2.30pm on Sunday 16th December and have a laugh. (Please, please laugh.) I realise it’s long […]

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Everything’s happening at once

So last week I moved house, marked a large pile of professional exam papers (new pile now arrived) and went to my first ever Newsjack meeting. More on the Newsjack meeting will follow once I’ve caught my breath (but, let’s be honest, you won’t read it until just before the next series). On Newsjack, some […]

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More exciting news – Live From Kirrin Island Ep 2 is up

And just in case all that Newsjack action wasn’t enough excitement for one week (not to mention moving house, marking exams, sleep etc…) Live From Kirrin Island Episode 2 has gone um… live. Get it here! Apart from all the brilliant funny stuff, you get to hear me being a Dick. I realize this isn’t anything unusual for people who know me […]

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And Live from Kirrin Island is back for Episode 2

It’s not just Newsjack that is back! Live from Kirrin Island will be recording in just over two weeks and needs submissions. This excellent writers’ brief says more than I ever could about it. Now there really is no excuse for not writing something topical and funny.

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Live from Kirrin Island: now over 1,000 downloads

Live from Kirrin Island has now been downloaded over 1,000 times (as of Sunday).  Well done to all involved (particularly our producer, Alison)! And thank you to all our listeners. The full Live show will return in the autumn but stay tuned for some special bonus mini-episodes over the summer. Speaking of which, I better […]

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4am cab podcast

In case you’d got the impression from the last few weeks that there was only one comedy podcast in existence… 🙂 here is another excellent comedy podcast, totally different from Live from Kirrin Island, 4am cab. In fact (other than being good and funny)  4am cab is about as different from Live from Kirrin Island as you can get […]

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The Kirrin Island podcast Episode 1(final cut) is here

Well actually it’s on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/live-from-kirrin-island/id539347438. Listen and tell us what you think! Check out Kirrin Island activity on twitter with the hashtag #KIPOD. Tell your friends, tell you family, tell your pets. (But warn them – there is a scene of gratuitous violence involving a newt… which makes it unsuitable for Ken Livingstone.)