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My gmail address will be out of action till Wednesday

Just in case anyone is trying to get hold of me on david.salisbury.writer :at: gmail (please turn this into a normal email address if you are not a spambot scraping the internet) I won’t have access to it until the middle of next week. Please use my personal email or the contact form on this […]

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Kirrin Island Episode 3 recording will be on Sunday 16th December (2.30pm)

Yes, it’s true. Live from Kirrin Island is back. And this time it’s bigger and better than before. We are recording in The Phoenix, Cavendish Sq, London, W1G 0PP and it’s free and open to all. So come along at 2.30pm on Sunday 16th December and have a laugh. (Please, please laugh.) I realise it’s long […]

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More exciting news – Live From Kirrin Island Ep 2 is up

And just in case all that Newsjack action wasn’t enough excitement for one week (not to mention moving house, marking exams, sleep etc…) Live From Kirrin Island Episode 2 has gone um… live. Get it here! Apart from all the brilliant funny stuff, you get to hear me being a Dick. I realize this isn’t anything unusual for people who know me […]

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I’ve got something on Newsjack Series 7 Episode 4

Although I don’t know what. I got the famous Newsjack “something in” email. And I’m on the list http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00kvs8r/features/episode-four But they never tell you what in advance. I’ll just have to listen to the show. (Not because they enjoy us being in suspense but just because of the practical difficulty of telling everyone before the show.) […]

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That Putin sketch is now Newsjack’s preview clip on their front page

My Putin sketch (very ably rewritten by the excellent Tom Neenan) is the preview clip for Newsjack. You can hear it here. And of course the rest of the show at 10.30 tonight on BBC Radio 4 extra.

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Record haul of Treason Show sketches

I got 4 sketches in the Treason Show (the topical comedy stage show in Brighton) last month. That’s a record (for me, loads of others get that many in regularly) The money is not going to allow me to retire to the Algarve but it’s real money someone has paid for me writing something funny. […]

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My txtlit.co.uk entry

I’m intrigued by txtlit.co.uk – a monthly competition for very short “micro stories” of 154 characters or less. (Although £1 to enter seems a lot, understandable if they have to use phone technology but couldn’t we also enter by email?). Either way I’ve sent them this rather overwritten affair  (124 characters): The snowman under the […]

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