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I’ve got something on Newsjack Series 7 Episode 4

Although I don’t know what. I got the famous Newsjack “something in” email. And I’m on the list http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00kvs8r/features/episode-four But they never tell you what in advance. I’ll just have to listen to the show. (Not because they enjoy us being in suspense but just because of the practical difficulty of telling everyone before the show.) […]

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More on writing for Newsjack

In case you haven’t seen enough articles on writing for Newsjack here’s a good description of the emotional rolloercoaster of it all from Marc Paterson. There’s also James Cary’s now classic explanation of why you should give it a go. I already mentioned Tom Neenan’s blog post and of course I keep writing about NewsJack (when I […]

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Best comedy writing tip I’ve ever got: Put the funny bit at the end

Now, I haven’t yet scaled to the thin, slippery branches at the top of the comedy writing tree – so I am willing to believe there are other principles of the comedy writing craft I have yet to discover. But of all the tricks I’ve picked up so far this is the one I use […]

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Some questions about Newsjack and writing comedy from Richard Fisher

When wading through a pile of spam comments finding a real comment from a real human being is… well, I guess this is what a Newsjack script reader feels like when they read a funny sketch… Anyway I got this definitely-not-spam comment (the give away is that it is spelt correctly and/or not in Spanish) from Richard […]

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Some rules of joke writing

There are no simple rules in comedy writing. If there were there would already be an iPhone app that cranked out award winning sitcom scripts and whole Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshows. There are no simple rules, but there are things that have proved to help make scripts better and jokes funnier. Here a few I […]

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Joke writing technique: Comic Irony

This is where what is said is clearly in conflict with either the context or something else that is said. That gap between what is said and what the obvious truth is, is then (if we joke writers and tellers do our job right) filled with laughter. For example: (told by a man) “I’m a […]

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Joke writing – The rule of three

There are no simple rules for joke writing.  (The only hard and fast rule I’ve found is  “be funny” – and that’s not simple). But there are useful patterns and techniques used by other people trying to write funny.  I’ve been keeping notes of the patterns I come across and thought I’d share some of […]