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Newsjack Series 7 Episode 2 – sketches sent

I’ve sent three sketches to Newsjack again (didn’t manage to write six like I always intend, and rarely do). (Submission guidelines are here in case you haven’t seen them yet – still time for one liners this week.) This week’s sketches were on Andrew Mitchell insulting the police (like everyone I would guess?) Waitrose’s twitter problems […]

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That Putin sketch is now Newsjack’s preview clip on their front page

My Putin sketch (very ably rewritten by the excellent Tom Neenan) is the preview clip for Newsjack. You can hear it here. And of course the rest of the show at 10.30 tonight on BBC Radio 4 extra.

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Why do I feel like I’m living in a satire?

Even the names sound made up. Like bad guy banker “Bob Diamond“. That would get changed in the first edit of most TV drama scripts. And his head of investment banking, Rich Ricci. You’re not fooling anyone with that Italianisation. We all grew up watching Richie Rich. And investment bankers colluding to rig published market […]

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The Kirrin Island Podcast – LippyAlison’s project takes shape.

A little while ago I mentioned a project Lippy Alison was putting together off the back of writing for Newsjack, with a few dissolute British Comedy Guide forum members like myself. The planned podcast now has a name and even a webdomain kirrinislandpodcast.com. All very organised. Looking forward to it already.

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Feeling sorry for Samantha Brick

I didn’t. To start with.  Like every other twitter user hearing juicy selective quotes  I thought her, er, not the most sympathetic of characters. She might as well change the first letter of her name to “p”. It could hardly make her look any worse. It was this, now infamous, article that provoked the  Twitterstorm. […]

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Record haul of Treason Show sketches

I got 4 sketches in the Treason Show (the topical comedy stage show in Brighton) last month. That’s a record (for me, loads of others get that many in regularly) The money is not going to allow me to retire to the Algarve but it’s real money someone has paid for me writing something funny. […]

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