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The importance of the Shitty First Draft

(Please excuse the Anglo-Saxon synonym for manure used throughout. It is entirely artistically justified. Well, mostly. And it’s shorter to type.) I asked Father Christmas to bring me the boxset of The IT Crowd this year, partly so I could watch them without watching 20 emotionally needy Microsoft ads on 4OD.  (If Windows 8 was […]

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Red Planet prize co-founder Danny Stack on “Irony of Character”

Nice short article over here from Danny Stack talking about “Irony of character”. This is, at it’s simplest, having some trait of the character in conflict with the situation they are in. Danny gives the example of Life on Mars, politically correct 21st century cop finds himself in un-PC 1970s. This also happens in sitcoms, […]

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Resource – BBC Writer’s Room

If you write for performance you should have the BBC Writer’s Room in your favourites already. It has listings of opportunities for writers, tips on writing and it is the officially designated entry point to writing for the BBC (although I’m told there are plenty of others). Now the “easy” bit, go away and write […]

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