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I’ve got something on Newsjack Series 7 Episode 4

Although I don’t know what. I got the famous Newsjack “something in” email. And I’m on the list http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00kvs8r/features/episode-four But they never tell you what in advance. I’ll just have to listen to the show. (Not because they enjoy us being in suspense but just because of the practical difficulty of telling everyone before the show.) […]

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Newsjack Series 7 Episode 2 – sketches sent

I’ve sent three sketches to Newsjack again (didn’t manage to write six like I always intend, and rarely do). (Submission guidelines are here in case you haven’t seen them yet – still time for one liners this week.) This week’s sketches were on Andrew Mitchell insulting the police (like everyone I would guess?) Waitrose’s twitter problems […]

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That Putin sketch is now Newsjack’s preview clip on their front page

My Putin sketch (very ably rewritten by the excellent Tom Neenan) is the preview clip for Newsjack. You can hear it here. And of course the rest of the show at 10.30 tonight on BBC Radio 4 extra.

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Live from Kirrin Island: now over 1,000 downloads

Live from Kirrin Island has now been downloaded over 1,000 times (as of Sunday).  Well done to all involved (particularly our producer, Alison)! And thank you to all our listeners. The full Live show will return in the autumn but stay tuned for some special bonus mini-episodes over the summer. Speaking of which, I better […]

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Writing for Newsjack

Newsjack is the BBC‘s open submission topical comedy show on Radio 4 Extra (Radio 7 in old money). I’ve been sending them sketches and gags regularly through the last two series, with one shiny broadcast credit to show for it. I got nothing in the last series (series 5) but got one near miss – […]