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The Show What You Wrote – the things what I learned

Well, 15,000 sketches read less than 1% of those used. And The Show What You Wrote is done (apart from the editing and broadcast… ¬†ūüôā ). No credit for me this time. But I have learned a lot from the process of writing for a non-topical show. And from Jon Hunter‘s excellent general feedback which […]

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The Show What You Wrote update

So some people have started¬†receiving¬†rewrite requests for sketches they sent into The Show What You Wrote. Nothing for me yet, but so far rewrite requests have gone to ¬†people who sent in their sketches very early – unlike me, I was working almost up to the midday (extended) deadline on ¬†29th March. I managed to […]

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BBC Sketch writing opportunity: The Show What You Wrote

Not only is there Newsjack starting, well pretty much now, here is yet another open door sketch show for BBC radio comedy . (Opendoor sketch shows are like buses… there is never enough room for everyone who wants to get on and I find they never quite go where I expected them to…) It is […]