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The Show What You Wrote – the things what I learned

Well, 15,000 sketches read less than 1% of those used. And The Show What You Wrote is done (apart from the editing and broadcast…  🙂 ). No credit for me this time. But I have learned a lot from the process of writing for a non-topical show. And from Jon Hunter‘s excellent general feedback which […]

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Writing sketches: things to consider while drafting

Sorry about the lack of posting action – not been getting much sleep! Or free time not used for writing sketched. However I have been thinking hard about writing sketches and trying to make them as good as I possibly can. I always have certain ideas/ways of working that I keep in my head but […]

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Writing for Newsjack – some of the thing I’ve learned

Writing forNewsjack was a lot of fun, although the sleep deprivation was getting to me after six weeks. Now that I’ve taken a bit of a breather, I thought I’d share some of my reflections on the process ready for next series. Here’s my advice to my future myself: Your sketch needs a brilliant premise. […]

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