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How to be a better writer

I don’t claim to be a good writer, although I plan to be one day, but I’m sure I’m a better writer than I used to be. Looking back at old work is both deflating (did I really write this badly?) and uplifiting (look how far I’ve come) at the same time. So, while I’m […]

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Newsjack is back! Series 7 first submission deadline is 17th September.

Submission guidelines are up on the BBC website. The deadline for one liners is now 4pm on Tuesday. Last series it was 5pm. Don’t get caught out! Otherwise it looks pretty similar to last series submission rules. There is also a page of tips which gives some general pointers and a a reminder of the […]

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Writing comedy sketches for News Revue: A few tips.

The News Revue is a (record-breaking) topical comedy stage show which has been running in the Canal Cafe Theatre for the last 33 years. (I’ve already written a post about it here.) It’s (almost) always on and always topical and so it demands huge quantities of fresh, funny material. That makes it a great market […]

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Refining my comedy sketch writing technique

The process of writing for Newsjack¬†has made me reflect on my sketch writing technique. Up until now I have relied on bumbling about until an idea occurs to me for a comedy sketch, writing it, editing it manically through Sunday night and submitting on Monday morning. But I’m not sure this is the most productive […]

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Red Planet prize co-founder Danny Stack on “Irony of Character”

Nice short article over here from Danny Stack talking about “Irony of character”. This is, at it’s simplest, having some trait of the character in conflict with the situation they are in. Danny gives the example of Life on Mars, politically correct 21st century cop finds himself in un-PC 1970s. This also happens in sitcoms, […]

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