Newsjack back for Series 6

It’s Newsjack time again which means very little sleep on a Sunday night tweaking and polishing sketches ready for the Monday 12pm deadline.

For those who don’t know, Newsjack is a BBC Radio4Extra topical comedy show which has an open door submissions policy. It’s presented by Justin Edwards and the cast and script editor generally vary over each series

Details about submissions are on the Newsjack webpage. There is also a long thread on the forum here.

My score so far is 1 sketch in Series 4 and 0 in Series 5. I’m hoping to get back on the scoreboard in Series 6. This is first attempt of 6.

I managed to send three (didn’t manage to write 6 as planned – this is one of the best tips ever – write 6 sketches, send the best three!).

NHS Reform
Greek bailout
Football club bankruptcies.

If I haven’t heard by tonight… that means nothing in this week. Either way it’ll be time to restart the sketch writing ready for next Sunday night.

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