Newsjack Series 6 Episode 1 – Initial analysis

Ok, I realise it’s possible to overthink this. But if it’s possible to overthink something, I usually will so here goes…

First off a list of the topics covered in Episode 1. Generally they won’t want to cover the same story again next episode so I would avoid these unless it is big ongoing story and/or there has been an interesting development.

It’s late at night and I’m tired so I don’t promise this is comprehensive but for what it’s worth:

  • The whole Greece thing (well, that one will probably run and run)
  • Reforming the rules on alcohol sales
  • Hi tech billboard with facial recognition
  • John Prescott on Desert Island Discs
  • Jazz FM gay porn incident
  • Test tube meat
  • Alex Salmond going on about Independence for Scotland (this is also likely to remain in the public consciousness)
  • The Sun on Sunday
  • Andrew Lansley and NHS reform
  • Derek Chisora and David Haye fighting outside the ring
  • London Fashion Week
  • Iran trying to get nuclear weapons
  • UK drought
  • Underpants bomber
  • Nick Clegg and getting NEETS into work
  • The Diary of Abu Qatada
  • Statues stolen from the Greek Olympic museum
  • Drought again
  • Tuition fees for students
  • The Fake Souffle in Masterchef
  • Charles Dickens being too long
  • Complaints about concert in Hyde Park
  • David Haye again
  • Greece again
  • Dragon’s Den conman
  • Hitler’s child
  • Whales and Dophins want recognition as non-human persons
  • Luis Suarez racism row
  • St James’ park renamed
  • The Artist
  • Scottish Independence again

Already it’s clear there are a few sections which specific intro gags (although no guarantee these will be used every week). Some of these were already specifically asked for on the Newsjack webpage.

So far I have identified:

  • An opening gag comparing Newsjack or Radio4Extra or both to the rest of the BBC eg this week’s… like Greece to the rest of the EU.
  • Mistakes are like…
  • Intro for the JackApp/voicemail section
  • Corrections (spoof corrections of mistakes from the last episode)
  • An “originally broadcast” gag purporting to being from the distant future explaining how things have changed since Newsjack was recorded.
As well as intro gags for big stories that may have sketches on them but you aren’t going to cover in your three. However the sketches may have intro gags attached already, so your gag would have to be better than theirs and fit with their take on it to have a chances.

I’ve also noticed the Newjack seems to have a “diary of” sketch most weeks (thinking back to last series as well).

I’ve just time to say that I thought the teenage trainee doing the sound effects sketch was brilliant. Well done whoever write that. Easily the best thing in the episode. (Unless you wrote one of the other sketches, in which case that was also the best thing in the episode. Honest.)

Now off to write some more gags! Sleep? Who needs it?!

PS If I have time I’ll probably try and do some in depth analysis on the sketches and gags to look at the type of joke that is popular with Newsjack and why some of my favourite bits work. But only IF I have time… eg I’ve already written the worlds three best topical sketches that could not possibly be improved!

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