My last submissions for Newsjack Series 6.

So this is the end of writing for Newsjack Series 6! The deadline for one-liners was just a few minutes ago.

I managed to submit three sketches on

  • The army driving fuel trucks
  • The EU cracking down on Pirates
  • That Kazakh national anthem fiasco.

and 8 one-liners on topics from Simon Cowell being burgled to the minimum price for alcohol. Roll on Thursday!

Writing for Newsjack has been fun – although I think I made it bit more intense than necessary (I tend to do that with things). Also a very useful learning experience. And (although I do say this as an only intermittently successful Newsjack writer!) the quality of the show itself is going from strength to strength.

At some point when I’ve got my writing breath back I’m going to look back at the series and see what I’ve learned but for now I’m going to wait around until Thursday tea time for that email. Come on, one last credit…

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3 Comments on "My last submissions for Newsjack Series 6."

  1. Richard Fisher
    20/06/2012 at 4:09 pm Permalink

    Hi David. Interesting to read about your success with Newsjack – I have ambitions in that direction myself. I have only just looked at your blog so some of these questions may become apparent later on but……are there any transcripts of your submissions (both successful and unsuccessful)? They would be very interesting to read….would also be interesting to know how you write. For example do you set time aside each day and try to write funny or do you just do it when inspiration strikes? I have submitted several one-liners and a couple of sketches to Newsjack but so far have been unsuccessful. To be fair I’m new to it and definitely finding my feet but I like sitting around trying to make the news even more ridiculous than it already is (most items these days come pre-satirised – see pasty tax/fuel “crisis” if further elaboration is needed, which I’m sure it isn’t!). Anyway, I shall investigate your blog further and well done for getting stuff on Newsjack – it must be a brilliant moment when you a) hear something of yours being broadcast on national radio and b) hear strangers laughing at your jokes. Good work!

  2. david
    21/06/2012 at 9:47 pm Permalink


    Thanks for the comment. Always good to hear from another aspiring comedy writer.

    I don’t have any scripts up, but I’ll think about digging some things out. Another place to look for newsjack scripts is the British Comedy Guide forums – scripts will be in the critique forum.

    Your other questions are wide enough I think they deserve to be answered in a blog post of their own. Which I will do as soon as I can steal the time.

    Now, to sleep…

  3. david
    27/06/2012 at 7:35 pm Permalink

    PS I have now replied in a post! See here

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