Newsjack Series 6 Episode 2 – Analysis

Just like last week here are my notes on Newsjack Series 6 Episode 2, to help me write better for Episode 3…

First off, the topics covered either with a sketch (labelled with s) or a gag:

  • Angelina Jolie’s leg
  • Charlotte Church settlement with NI
  • Police bribes (more NI)
  • Karen Murphy and the Greek football broadcasts
  • NHS reforms
  • Eric Joyce and the punch-up in Parliament (s)
  • Barclay’s and tax avoidance (advert spoof) (s)
  • Sun coverage of phone hacking (s)
  • Jackapp 2.0
  • Health lottery
  • Two alcohol free days
  • BBC and Rolex in top 5 super-brands.
  • Costa cruise stranded
  • NHS competition (with added Mr T.) (s)
  • JK Rowling adult book (s)
  • Russian election/Putin diary – repeated “attempts” on Putin’s life (s)
  • Workfare concerns/reps meet with Chris Grayling.
  • Royal documentary/ overly deferential (s)
  • Osama compound demolition on Restoration (with Griff Rhys Jones) (s)
  • More privatised NHS (s)
  • Barclaycard dating chatline error (s)
  • Lords political broadcast, trying to get into the elected House of Lords (s)
  • Oxfam “history of item” app (s)
  • Newsjack shop: Top Gear items (s)
  • Slovak town names bridge after Chuck Norris
  • Michael Gove uses “welsh” perjoratively
  • Exeter university  disagrees with cross-dressing
  • Nick Clegg just wants someone likes him
  • Dr Watson on work to rule with the doctors (s)
  • Adele and Elgar both on Olympic opening ceremony music (s)
  • James Murdoch not recalling emails etc as a “first recorded” with coming up next gag.


My favourites were the JK Rowling adult sketch (where she desperately tries to show how grown up she is), and the workfare/work experience sketch. Both had strongly drawn funny characters driving the sketches, more than just a sequence of gags. Also loved the bit in the diary sketch about Putin relaxing by “kicking a crocodile in the face”.

Note also the “opinions are like” gag intro in Jackapps. This week there was also a software terms and conditions sketchette re Jackapp 2.0.  There may be possibilities here (other software/app gags)?

Newsjack shop does turn up reasonably regularly whenever there is an excuse for a teleshopping sketch.

Now off to write some sketches. If I think of anything else useful I’ll post it up here. In the meantime, happy comedy writing…

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