Newsjack Series 6 Episode 3 – Topics covered

I’m back again with a list of the topics covered in this week’s Newsjack so we can avoid writing sketches on them again this week which are unlikely to be used. There will be some topics which run and run, so are fair game anytime. A Greek debt sketch would have been topical in any of the past few weeks! Which either means you can keep writing them, or that people are really bored of them…

Anyway… list of topics covered in Newsjack this week, by gag or sketch (marked with an s):

  • International Women’s day
  • Sex Offenders on the run
  • Estranged mother of lottery winner
  • Sun dried tomatoes cause hepatitis
  • Rush Limbaugh calls law student a ‘slut’
  • Danny Care drunkenness
  • John Bishop’s Sport Relief challenge
  • Terry’s chocolate orange factory demolished
  • Google new privacy policy (s)
  • Newspaper advertising campaigns (s)
  • Petrol price auction (s)
  • Ed Milliband made in Britain/Millibrand (s)
  • Women’s Institute in prison (s)
  • Opinions are like… Brazilian economy
  • Eurovision – Englebert Humperdinck
  • Gay marriage
  • Nissan car in Sunderland
  • Diary of Cardinal O’Brian (s)
  • James Blunt, Katherine Jenkins unable to perform in Afghanistan (s)
  • Child Benefit reforms (Archive) (s)
  • Ice cream is as addictive as cocaine (s)
  • Minimum pricing for alcohol/cigarette advertising (Newsjack shop) (s)
  • Police redundancy
  • Trident replacement
  • Kids don’t have to do homework any more
  • US Republican primaries (s)
  • NASA gets hacked (s)
  • Villas-Boas sacked (s) – with a long (and funny) Justin intro, and then an excuse for Lewis McLeod to do all his (very good) impressions
  • Drought
  • Trade embargo on Argentina
  • More Chelsea managers

If anything I thought that this weeks episode was even stronger than the last. So well done to everyone who got in. Time to work even harder and write even more for the rest of us.

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