Feeling sorry for Samantha Brick

I didn’t. To start with.  Like every other twitter user hearing juicy selective quotes  I thought her, er, not the most sympathetic of characters. She might as well change the first letter of her name to “p”. It could hardly make her look any worse.

It was this, now infamous, article that provoked the  Twitterstorm. But thinking about it now, Samantha Brick may have been more naive than bitchy. We all know what the Daily Mail is like. And if you’ve forgotten read this excellent piece by Anna Brundy in the Collective Review.

So now I do feel sorry for Samantha Brick. It won’t stop me taking the proverbial. That’s what comedy writers do. But I might be gentler than I would have been. That’s the trouble with stopping and thinking and having a conscience. Oh well.

UPDATE: Now she claims she has no regrets about that article. Maybe I don’t need to feel bad after all. There is only so much doubt that one person can get the benefit of.

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