Finally I can see my whole screen again

Ever since I foolishly dropped my handy netbook I’ve been working with only  two thirds of the screen. Which, given that the screen is only 10” to begin with is not easy.

It does mean I have not been posting as much as usual as working WordPress with only 2/3rds of the screen was too painful. But now normal (ie still irregular but a little more cheerful) service is resumed.

I would recommend my little ASUS eeepc 1001HA.

It’s very useful as a take everywhere writing tool. Although I have added a larger battery to mine (and now a new screen).  It’s small enough to carry around when commuting, and I can even almost use it one handed when standing on the train at a push (not the most comfortable).

It’s not the most powerful processing machine in the world but to send email, browse the internet and edit simple documents it’s more than enough.

Right, I’m off to enjoy the full screen experience.

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