First Kirrin Island podcast recording tomorrow.

Which will be brilliant but scary. Nothing concentrates the mind like the thought that your jokes will be broadcast at the end of the day – so they better be funny. (OK, a gun or a large pointy stick might also focus the mind, but… well… you get my point.)

So (barring a last minute unexpected early labour from my good lady) I’ll be off to spend all day on an island in Surrey trying to make things funny, with a whole bunch of other people trying to do the same thing.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Kirrin Island podcast developments (like far too many of our national newspapers)  the show is being recorded, released as a podcast, and (most exciting of all) broadcast on local Weybridge based internet radio station, Brooklands Radio. OK it’s not the teatime slot on Radio 4 but it’s still a fantastic result.

I’ve already learned a whole lot from the process. Particularly having to think hard about why things are (or aren’t funny) and how they could be made funnier (in our group editing process). It takes more discipline than simply dashing down a few things, firing them off and hoping for the best. But it’s also been more satisfying.

Can’t wait to see how things work out tomorrow!

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