Learning to take notes, and asking for a slap in the face.

Writing is hard. Well, not hard in the being shot at for a living, or working 15 hours a day smelting iron sense. I mean, its not hard compared to a real job, but that doesn’t stop it being hard.

Writing is hard to do well.  Most people can set down some words in a vaguely grammatical order. But writing something that millions of people will want to watch or read. Not as simple as it looks.

And the hardest thing about writing is the constant grind of failure and rejection that is the lot of even the most successful writers (so I’m told, I’ve never been one).  Take a look at James Cary’s blog post saying pretty much this. (James has written Hut 33 and Think the Unthinkable for the Radio and worked on Miranda amongst many other things, so knows of which he speaks.)

Writing and submitting work is the emotional equivalent of  asking complete strangers to slap you in the face in the hope that one day one of them will miss.

But all of this is good preparation because if you ever do become successful, your work is likely to be ripped up and sent back for a redraft by experiences industry pros. And at that point you will need to suck it up and go back to the laptop.

You’ve probably heard the saying that “Writing is rewriting” but if you need that hammering home, take a look at what Graham Linehan (Father Ted, the IT Crowd, etc) says here about it here.

He also says that his DVD commentary on Series 4 of The IT Crowd contains everything he knows about writing a sitcom. Given what he’s achieved that’s worth hearing. Time to buy the DVD rather than watching it on 4OD.

Now back to the laptop.

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