Everything’s happening at once

So last week I moved house, marked a large pile of professional exam papers (new pile now arrived) and went to my first ever Newsjack meeting. More on the Newsjack meeting will follow once I’ve caught my breath (but, let’s be honest, you won’t read it until just before the next series).

On Newsjack, some exciting news: not only will series 8 return in February, there will also be a best of series 7 show, on Radio 4 no less. That’s Radio 4, proper radio that your Gran knows how to tune into. (Don’t get me wrong 4extra, I do love you, it’s just my Gran has only just got the hang of digital television, digital radio might be the straw that breaks the camel’s very loose mental grasp of modern living.)

Not only that but Live from Kirrin Island Episode 2 is out and preparations are already in train for an even bigger, liver (!) Live from Kirrin Island Episode 3 in December. Stay tuned.

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