Newsjack Series 8 kicks off in February

Newsjack – the open door BBC topical sketch show – is back in February. First show will be broadcast Thursday 14th February, which makes the first sketch deadline Monday 11th February.

There is also the rumour that we will be getting a Best of Series 7 show on Radio 4 (proper Radio 4) just before the start of then new series.

(And if you’re wondering why you should write for Newsjack, James Cary – the SitcomGeek himself – explains much better than I can.  And take a look at Scriblit‘s Tmblr post explaining how it happened for her.)

In preparation for the new series I’m planning a few blog posts on this site explaining some of the things I’ve learned writing for Newsjack over the last few series. Let’s all sit back and see if that happens.

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  1. [...] As promised, here is the first of the tips even I have managed to pick up writing for Newsjack.…

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