The Show What You Wrote update

So some people have started receiving rewrite requests for sketches they sent into The Show What You Wrote. Nothing for me yet, but so far rewrite requests have gone to  people who sent in their sketches very early – unlike me, I was working almost up to the midday (extended) deadline on  29th March.

I managed to send 21 sketches in the end. And just in case you’re interested here’s the breakdown by category:

Documentary – 5

Scifi/Horror – 4

Kitchen Sink – 6

Thriller/suspense – 2

Historical – 4.

I didn’t manage to send any one liners – I found it hard to come up with them in a vacuum without a news story to provoke an idea. And in any case, I find them much harder to write than sketches (I have had more sketches than one liners on Newsjack for example).

Rumour has it that they may have only four shows and, in that case, they will fold the documentary stuff into the other four as appropriate. So that means even less places for sketches. I suppose it just makes that proper Radio 4 credit even more precious if you get one. Right, off to cross all my fingers and toes.

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