All change for Newsjack Series 10

The Show What You Wrote has closed its doors but just down the hallway another BBC sketch opportunity is back: Newsjack.

And there are lots of changes for Series 10. Check out the details of what they want carefully on the BBC website, but here’s my summary of what’s going to be different to Series 9.

NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: Don’t just use the one in your address book!

New Producers. (So I’m told, but I won’t give out chapter and verse  until their names appear on a website or credit list somewhere just in case!)

New Host – Romesh Ranganathan. Rumour has it he will be writing or at least shaping a lot of the host material. I’ve been watching his back catalogue on Youtube to try and get a sense of his voice, which is delightfully acerbic. It will be interesting to see how this the tone of the show as a new host inevitably will.

New cast members (Morgana Robinson, Ellie White and Alice Levine) as well as some returning (Lewis MacLeod, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Pippa Evans)

New sketch limit – ONLY 2 SKETCHES per week.

New one liners limit – 3 sections, 3 per section = 9 one liners per week.

New templates – which should hopefully be easier to use and make life easier for the producers, so that they’ll be in a better mood when they read my sketches. That’s the theory, anyway.

Writing for Newsjack Series 10 will feel quite to previous series, but I think that constant reinvention is a good thing – to keep the show fresh and give more writers opportunities.

I better get writing – first deadline tomorrow at noon.



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